Japan Story Day 2: Disneyland, Ginza, and Shibuya

After a great rest on superb comfy bed, a super yummy breakfast, and a dreamy view of Tokyo streets, I arriiivedddd at Disneyland!!!!!!
The place was super crowded (the crowdest crowd ever!) since it was near tanabata, there were so many bamboo trees and tanabata wish paper (tanzaku) provided near the main street. I wanted to write something but since it was to crowded, I decided to go later (but I forgot lol). The attractions on Disneyland are not so thrilling. I only rode the big thunder mountain, the pirates of the carribean, Star Tours, and Mr Eo. The queue was too long on the other attractions -.- there was some time when we had lunch at some bench and observed the people. All of the Japanese people like to cary (a lottttt) of dolls. Girls, boys, men, women, mother, father, and children brought their own dolls! I wonder what will it be when there were such scenes like that happened in my country, judgmental staring will easily corrupt your soul. Since i was in japan and I love dolls, i decided to “blend in” xD. I hold my recently purchased plushies like my own child and hung a lot of plushy keychain in my purse. Yes, it only happens in japan (even on Hk disneyland, i never saw people carrying their dolls like that).
After a fun time playing at Disneyland, we went to Ginza. It’s somehow similar with Orchard Road, full of Branded and international stores. The whole point of Ginza visit was the Uniqlo Mega Stores so i spent a lot of time exploring the 12 floors stores, after that we went to h&m (salee!). I wanted to try the Shiseido cafe but there was no time :(
After Buffet yakiniku dinner, we hopped on Japan Rail (JR) and went to Shibuya.
shibuya was so crowded and alive that night, it got a lot of flagship international brands like Forever 21, gap etc. Since We didnt inted to shop, We just walked around and took photos near Hachiko statue <3 after a few hours sightseeing, we went back to Hotel.

Japan Story Day 1: No Dslr and turbulence 

Going to Japan has always been my dream! I grew up with comics, anime, and Japanese products all my life :) so when the time came, i couldnt hide my smirk all the way from my home to the airport. I even created a wishlist containing all of the things to do and buy in Japan, which I basically never did everytime I go on holiday. Reality is never as good as the expectation. One problem surfaced just in the time I was about to board, my sister left her dslr camera at home *crap* We had been to so many holidays before and dslr was like a passport. you left it, you couldnt go anywhere! But i tried to force my positive mind..why need dslr if we got a smartphone? -.- yea, and we learnt the most valuable lessons : never did a last time packing drama (you couldnt know what essentials might be left behind).
My mood was still gloomy on board, i only watched Beautiful creatures and Mama and both the movies gave me worse mood. *thank you*
After a little transit time in Hongkong, and friggin turbulence all over the south china sea………..
I arrived at Narita Airport Tokyo!! The airport is clean but not as almighty as Bangkok Survhanabumi airport. It was already late at night, so we went to nearest airport hotel. A not so great flight, plus the fact that we left our dslr camera, i just wanted to go straight to bed. T.T

What I’m going to do after I graduate…and the next ten years.. 

1. Once I got my Food tech and science bachelor degree, I’m gonna take Diplôme de Pâtisserie on Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, malaysia, Canada, or maybe Paris idk..

2. I will open my own cafe or bakery shop, or at least I’m working on big multinational bread/cake factory on the R&D department (ps: not the QC dept of course! going crazy with food analysis already..how can one small bite of chocolate candies can be put on hundreds page of research paper -_- )

3. I’m gonna be a world traveler..gonna reach africa and south america very soon!

4. Will do anything to make my parents happy.

5. Get married? hmmmmm…I have always thought that marriage is kinda creepy


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Look at the icing, the soft but not-to-dense texture, and that scattered brownish part of the cake. tempting :D

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